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File: 149015262349.jpg - ( 71.74KB , 451x800 , a.jpg )
17179 No. 17179 hide [Reply]

>> No. 17190
File: 149019478436.jpg - ( 185.51KB , 1024x1365 , DSC01109.jpg )
Some sets as light-photography & beauty.light-photography.
am-Emilia like am-Katarina.

>> No. 17200
post a couple of set maybe?

>> No. 17211
Find some here


File: 148897045365.jpg - ( 38.54KB , 475x800 , Gabby01.jpg )
16839 No. 16839 hide [Reply]
Someone has Willey Studios collection?
Could you upload it on Zippy or fast filehost?

(Skye, Chelda, Gabby, Natalie, etc.)

Thank you!

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>> No. 17191
File: 149019829397.png - ( 660.02KB , 803x653 , Gabby.png )
I think I understand you. It might explain a Willey's torrent I got. 1-46, with everybody. Some models I have with other numbers
On the left is 106, I see its a Tropical Beauty set. On the right is the Gabby set I had no number for

>> No. 17193
File: 14902092671.jpg - ( 176.64KB , 960x1280 , dsc01831.jpg )
I think it's true that all these girls had sets issued on more than one site. In addition to their own site or sites there were the 'am-archive' sets with the purple logo and most sets were also issued with the dark blue or light blue 'Skye-Model' logos. The confusing thing is that set numbers were always different from each other in the various sites and in the case of Emmie there is even an unofficial collection posted by someone (being a somewhat incomplete mish mash of logos culled from different sites) that has entirely different set numbers of its own!

The logo issue can be relevant because the exact selection of images sometimes varied from site to site, in the case of Emmie her first site with translucent logos had quite a few more images per set than her second site which had opaque logos. Occasionally the skye-model issue would also have a few images not to be found in the regular sets; for example the Emmie image here did not appear in the set issued by her official site. I've been looking out for the 'blue' logo sets of Emmie (there were about 38 such sets) for a long time without success; no one seems to have them anymore, just a few images here and there turn up.

>> No. 17210
Any more kacy or marcia?

File: 149011336193.jpg - ( 212.29KB , 853x1280 , m156-s008-044.jpg )
17168 No. 17168 hide [Reply]
A name of her would be nice

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>> No. 17189
Oops, only looked at the number not at the girl - shame on me.
Seems they just forgot that they had asigned the m156 number to this BB girl already when Jojo became m156 as well.
>Jojo's guest?
She doesn't have any sets on Jojo's site, just two BB sets. Correct?

>> No. 17194
Thanks,Webe or CNS crossed my mind was'nt sure though:)
I think I'll name her Jojo's Guest for now.

>> No. 17209
File: 149028980315.jpg - ( 32.43KB , 637x190 , Jojo_et_alia.jpg )
Yep, there has been work put into this BB/m100 stuff over time. A few years ago there was nothing. Any new input is good.
Jojo guest is the best call.
These girls are French.

File: 149023809217.jpg - ( 268.71KB , 1020x475 , lola-naga712-horz.jpg )
17195 No. 17195 hide [Reply]
Would appreciate if you can share a link of this 3 sets of Lola. Thanks.

>> No. 17203
Which sets are these? Or do you think others should do all the work?

>> No. 17208
Hi, the plural of this is these. thanks

File: 149011587167.jpg - ( 443.51KB , 1068x1608 , erin-352-024.jpg )
17170 No. 17170 hide [Reply]
Looking for downloads for NewStar Erin.

Think she is Erin 3?

Already got sets 349 to 372 but cant find any more to download.

Any help would be much appreciated.

>> No. 17207
Second that someone please up some sets

File: 14902454137.jpg - ( 1.84MB , 2000x3000 , Kleofia-047-110.jpg )
17197 No. 17197 hide [Reply]
You think you've seen it all in this game. Please does anybody have this set please?

>> No. 17206
File: 14902781439.jpg - ( 31.14KB , 400x531 , file.jpg )
All I has

File: 148692849993.jpg - ( 339.12KB , 1152x1728 , sharona-104-001.jpg )
16304 No. 16304 hide [Reply]
Does any one have:
Sweet Catalina: Merry Christmas
Sweet Catalina: Diva
Sweet Catalina: Oriental
Sweet Catalina: Wink

Cant find these any where!

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>> No. 17068
File: 148970658573.jpg - ( 105.50KB , 1018x1526 , destiny-091-040.jpg )


>> No. 17136
who is that??

>> No. 17205
can anyone post the OP set 104 with glasses thanks in advance! )

File: 149010563679.jpg - ( 393.20KB , 1068x1608 , sunshine-121-010.jpg )
17166 No. 17166 hide [Reply]
Requesting image 032 from set 121 of Newstar Sunshine as mine is corrupt :(


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>> No. 17192

Many thanks! You have made me happy.


>> No. 17196
That's a nice shot...you wouldn't want to be missing that one.

>> No. 17202
i want it too

File: 148909168014.jpg - ( 297.22KB , 1608x1068 , 148654745329.jpg )
16871 No. 16871 hide [Reply]
Does anyone have her sets?

5 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 17125
File: 148996150420.jpg - ( 65.79KB , 1280x720 , Sweet Amy Gallery 121_avi_snapshot_09_19_[2017_03_.jpg )
Sweet Amy video Gallery 121

Thumbnails: http://imgu.me/img-58cf0a42bbca7.html

pt.1: https://dailyuploads.net/bd8mgrbxv2r1
pt.2: https://dailyuploads.net/shcdroavyz9r
or http://fistfast.com/hj77h9qe0lgv

Password: VKv77

>> No. 17138
thanks !!!!!

>> No. 17201
anyone has this bikini wet?

File: 149025017618.jpg - ( 506.87KB , 1000x1500 , 146399969739.jpg )
17199 No. 17199 hide [Reply]
any Set?

File: 14896070398.jpg - ( 365.15KB , 1600x1591 , 3-Requests.jpg )
17019 No. 17019 hide [Reply]
Jillian and two Aliza galleries.

Sorry I don't have any information about these three requests as far as the gallery numbers are concerned.

Thank you and if I can be of any help with a request feel free to post it here and if I have what you are looking for I will share it.

1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 17121
Wow thank you.
Just in case...Are these the Aliza galleries in individual folders or the one with all the sets in one folder?

Thought I would ask so I don't download something I already have.
Thanks again, Aliza is one of my favorite WEBE models.

>> No. 17175
(not the o.p) - each download opens into its own folder with 700-900 pics in each folder...you'll have to seperate them & create new folders if you want them in individual sets...

>> No. 17188
File: 149018548493.jpg - ( 1.32MB , 1344x3052 , Aliza Webe [1-43].jpg )
Sounds like this is needed here. Sometimes there are a few more sets at the end of these indexes.

File: 148909689323.jpg - ( 144.68KB , 853x1280 , sharon-036-040.jpg )
16872 No. 16872 hide [Reply]
Requesting CNS collection (Donna, Sharon, Stefi...)
They were very popular in the past, it's strange that no one is sharing them anymore.

Thank you very much :)

3 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 17015
Go to the bottom of this page
Model Blog
Find Kurt Newbury on right hand side in groups
A number of sets there

>> No. 17117
I second request, Donna please.

>> No. 17187
Yes, Donna Modelo is my favorite of latin girls.

Could someone upload her sets?

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