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File: 149841304079.jpg - ( 146.42KB , 1000x1500 , 008.jpg )
19276 No. 19276 hide [Reply]
Who is she?

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>> No. 20156

>> No. 20202
where did you find this in the first place?

>> No. 20305
File: 150090665239.jpg - ( 32.61KB , 329x191 , 4839562019.jpg )

File: 150046163135.jpg - ( 2.56MB , 2592x4608 , 149908182667.jpg )
20124 No. 20124 hide [Reply]
Anyone has more of her?

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>> No. 20237
Thanks.Can you upload sets 41 and 118?

>> No. 20291

If you want Pandora 1, start your own request thread. Pretty rude to hijack a guys thread who specifically asked for Pandora 2.

>> No. 20306
File: 150090815459.jpg - ( 1.78MB , 1200x1701 , 2017-07-24_184108.jpg )
They are both Sweet Pandora.. I believe that there is no need to start a new request thread for each model, when they have the same name (for example Amy/Amanda, Sharona/Catalina, Candy/Ginger, Princess/Sunshine) .. Sometimes even different agencies (Teenmodeling/Silver, Stars/Starlets/Pearls/Dreams, Candydoll/FashionLand)

Sweet Pandora II - I have only two sets
142: https://dailyuploads.net/9hkqxy39jz03
148: https://dailyuploads.net/pne0iq25vtau

Sweet Pandora I
118: https://dailyuploads.net/w2uith6r2u76

Passwo for all: VKv77

Thank you very much!
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File: 150037498123.png - ( 1.83MB , 1564x1390 , 150029749448.png )
20104 No. 20104 hide [Reply]
Some sets of Bobbie are incomplete. In the last days I found a site have full sets of Bobbie, and have more pictures (extra 20 more pics and some sets 80pics!) than of I have in my collection. Unfortunalely these sets cannot download, because deleted. What do you think?

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>> No. 20286

Correct. People sometimes confuse Webe and the photographer who took the images. Webe had many photographers from different parts of the world contributing to that agency. Same can be said for Maxim, and his models who had Candydoll. Silver, TMTV, and Fashion Land watermarks on his work.

Webe may be no more, but that doesn't mean that the euro models couldn't continue modeling.

>> No. 20296
WebeWeb had models from Russia (Martine, Amelia etc.) from France (Laurie, Bobbie, Gigi, Whitney, Phoebe, Sundae, Farrah, Jojo, and the 80% of all models of Webe), from USA (Dorie, Lily, Megan, Sherri, Sandi etc.) and from Brazil (Nina). Certainly, the hottest as was French models with sexy photos!

>> No. 20297
Make a contract with a studio with the purpose of selling your photos thrue them.
Then sell the same photos to another studio.
Someone mention Maxim but that's a huge difference about how Webe contracted photogs.
1 contract to 1 photog spans over a loooong time you know for Webe that is.
Russians do have another way of using contracts not necesarily in the best way.
And it's confusing for those who are new to this so called hobby if that counts for you of course

File: 150030956938.jpg - ( 114.56KB , 501x542 , Mina.jpg )
20085 No. 20085 hide [Reply]
Anyone have these Mina's sets?

>> No. 20086
>>20085 The set "Pumpkins" is amazing!

>> No. 20155

File: 150090432518.png - ( 1.63MB , 1500x596 , Nini-Model.png )
20302 No. 20302 hide [Reply]
Anyone have these sets?

File: 149602286391.jpg - ( 435.20KB , 1068x1608 , amanda-126-001.jpg )
18578 No. 18578 hide [Reply]
Hi please share more of Amanda. Thanks.

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>> No. 20242
Full list of sets of Amanda:


Pass: WeLoveCandydoll!

>> No. 20256
File: 150080511594.jpg - ( 298.85KB , 1068x1608 , 149160644949.jpg )
looking for this set. anyone got it? please share. thanks.

>> No. 20271
Many Thanx.

File: 149876182845.jpg - ( 2.86MB , 2667x4000 , 000.jpg )
19397 No. 19397 hide [Reply]
Who is this beauty?

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>> No. 20287
I don't have any problems ordering through them. And they couldn't be nicer people (hint hint Newstar).

Love my sets btw. Professional organization. :)

>> No. 20300
File: 150090123958.jpg - ( 7.41MB , 3840x5760 , Kathy002nn_9532074_26963427.jpg )
Kathy set 02 One and only one full size pic. this one is without logo.
Just in case the size is to much for here. Go here


>> No. 20304
File: 150090463475.jpg - ( 190.96KB , 800x533 , Elena-009-04.jpg )
Elena looks pretty hot huh..

File: 149895226355.jpg - ( 1.25MB , 1200x1800 , 146654497485.jpg )
19487 No. 19487 hide [Reply]
Please, what is this set of Candydoll?

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>> No. 20061

There is a very tiny part of the vid on Youtube


>> No. 20080
These are the last seconds of candydoll promotion video number 27.

>> No. 20088
Yeah that video without the youtuber watermark is on lolifox/lg/ in the LauraB thread, but there is a rule "Links to other forums, chans or blogs are not allowed" so can't post it here.

File: 150090971799.jpg - ( 251.01KB , 1031x1536 , 7053786.jpg )
20309 No. 20309 hide [Reply]
Anyone have sets of this beauty?

File: 150083685494.jpg - ( 357.27KB , 1152x1728 , ginger-355-008.jpg )
20275 No. 20275 hide [Reply]
Ginger is so Pretty and under appreciated!
Much Appreciation, in advance! Thanks

File: 149925331711.jpg - ( 65.64KB , 500x757 , newstar nikki.jpg )
19621 No. 19621 hide [Reply]
Hoping that requesting Newstar models is not a taboo subject, would anyone have some Newstar Nikki sets to make available? as many as you can upload, if so. it would be much appreciated. TIA.

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>> No. 20140
Thank you very much for sharing!!! Awesome! :)

>> No. 20282
more !!!!!!

>> No. 20307
File: 150090862787.jpg - ( 393.93KB , 1728x1152 , nikki-087-066.jpg )
NewStar Nikki 087



PW = VKv77
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 149992791998.jpg - ( 123.37KB , 480x640 , tmp-cam-1824162128.jpg )
19912 No. 19912 hide [Reply]
looking for Polina guys

>> No. 19999

>> No. 20101
someone please

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