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Candydoll - Sharechan
File: 148444998257.jpg - ( 288.05KB , 1800x1200 , BellaK47_100.jpg )
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Welcome to /candydoll/!
Here you can post your Candydoll sets and galleries :)


File: 149299671077.jpg - ( 496.40KB , 972x1200 , KatieM-01-25.jpg )
779 No. 779 hide [Reply]
KatieM01-67 set + video
pass: K_a=ti+e

set http://fistfast.com/or4o17z44vco
vid http://fistfast.com/5wpyzg77vo1w
set http://fistfast.com/2t1npjsyjsk4
vid http://fistfast.com/tqqput4dzdlu
set http://fistfast.com/l9yk881uapjp
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>> No. 809
File: 149317479134.jpg - ( 211.61KB , 666x1872 , moemoe-scr.jpg )
Before closing candydoll.tv Appeared moemoe.tv (Is now closed)

Sweet Angel - The same first Candydoll from Ukraine is just another name

Cuteish - last Candydoll from Kazakhstan
https://web.archive.org/web/20150516072636/moemoe.tv Here, not all models are shown
All that they managed to do.

In Sweet Angel people says that the video is much higher quality than Candydoll
I do not have this ValensiyaS video from the Candydoll set

>> No. 810
File: 149317847529.jpg - ( 565.07KB , 1200x792 , Lauren-mm-3.jpg )
Lauren moemoe.tv
pass: La_ur-en/

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>> No. 811
File: 14932018349.jpg - ( 559.08KB , 1200x696 , Elona-mm-3.jpg )
Elona moemoe.tv
dailyuploads: necessary to remove the check mark in front of the inscription "Fast Download"
pass: Elo+na

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File: 149259164644.jpg - ( 1.41MB , 3592x1800 , WLC2.jpg )
592 No. 592 hide [Reply]
My Candydoll Collection. Each Model have a post. ;)

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>> No. 774
Do you mean the pic in WLC's post or the pic in your post?

The pic in WLC's post is from set 42 (see filename), but I have no idea about the pic in yours, would really like to know about that myself...

>> No. 777
File: 149296741585.jpg - ( 323.26KB , 1200x1800 , 1430523435603.jpg )
I was talking about the pic in my post.I have Bella VIP up to 18. I thought I had the entire collection but I see now that there are more sets in the VIP. Can somebody has the VIP sets after 18? If so could you post them? Thank you

>> No. 808

File: 148610666236.jpg - ( 1.15MB , 1800x1200 , ElonaV30_032.jpg )
73 No. 73 hide [Reply]
Unofficial Candydoll Fills for WLC thread.

*(Image is Elona set 30 - will be posted later)

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>> No. 578

All files downloaded but when unpack them and click on an image it say it does not exist..... Help please?

>> No. 579

Downloaded a few sets. Unpacked them and they JPEGS are there.. but when i try open it, it says file does not exist..? Help me out please.

>> No. 588

What host are you using? Sometimes that happens to me with a Zippyshare link. I just re-download and all is well.

File: 148723465844.jpg - ( 1.96MB , 3594x1778 , Gandydoll Collection.jpg )
229 No. 229 hide [Reply]
Replacement for Fill-Up-Thread on Candydollchan.
WeLoveCandydoll! need your help.
This is a list of Missing Sets and Vids from Candydoll.
Please Help to Fill Up in this Thread.

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>> No. 560

>> No. 566
--Update 12. April 2017
AnnaT vids 5-6
KaterynaV Vid 5
MarinaT VIP Vids 4-5
OlgaS Set/Vid 4
OlhaD Set/Vid 4
SarahK Vid 13
SashaD Set/Vid 9
SuisanA VIP Vids 1-3
ValeriyaL Set/Vid 6
YulianaA Vid 8

>> No. 764

File: 148679598712.jpg - ( 374.92KB , 1600x1200 , Cdoll+++++MonikaD001.jpg )
139 No. 139 hide [Reply]
CD Monika D 01


Pass = CDFills4U!

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>> No. 185
Thank you very much hero.

>> No. 386
RE-UP for Unreliable Kingfiles links

CD Monika D 02 Photoset & Video


CD Monika D 06 Photoset & Video


Pass = CDFills4U!

>> No. 772
For the longest time, this was my favorite Candydoll. Thanks for the memories. :)

File: 148716240890.jpg - ( 1.43MB , 3596x1800 , WLC.jpg )
223 No. 223 hide [Reply]
My Thread here. :)

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>> No. 761

WLC, in the future don't make a post for the admin to delete posts or threads... to easy for a misunderstanding that way. Instead, just click the little box next to the posters name (Anonymous), then go to the bottom of the page where the "REPORT POST" box is, write in a reason why the post should be deleted, then click on "Report".

It's usually meant for people to report someone breaking the rules, but I can see no reason why you can't use the same thing to ask for certain posts to be deleted. Just make sure that you mention who you are ("WLC"). Pretty sure Admin knows you by now. :)

>> No. 763
I wantet to clean up my Thread from older Posts like this --> >>742
I believe the Admin would like that I move my Mega-Thread in the Candydoll-Section.
>>592 That is my Download-Thread
>>223 That is my Discussion-Thread. Have any a Question or a Request please write here.

>> No. 769
I believe that one of the last VIP Sets from BellaK 19, 20 or 21. This Sets are missing.
PS: Answer here in my Discussion-Thread. ;)

File: 149273522424.jpg - ( 1.24MB , 1200x1800 , VS-01_032.jpg )
753 No. 753 hide [Reply]

set: https://dailyuploads.net/1bnst48a7go2

vid: https://dailyuploads.net/1u3cni908vwx

File: 148715143233.jpg - ( 1.37MB , 1200x1800 , IsabellaB01_006.jpg )
214 No. 214 hide [Reply]
CD Isabella B 01

Photoset: http://kingfiles.net/3tgsrcgbs9h7/CDIsaB01s.7z

Video: http://kingfiles.net/da0gn8zfwbti/CDIsaB01v.7z

Pass = CDFills4U!

8 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 261

>> No. 387
RE-UP for unreliable Kingfiles links

CD Isabella B 01

Photoset: http://cloudyfiles.com/l6eweb9pdu36

Video: https://clicknupload.link/2036c6ia90c0

CD Isabella B 05 Photoset:


Video: http://cloudyfiles.com/gq7qptwweehl
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

>> No. 760
Thanks for the sets!

File: 149223461828.jpg - ( 1.04MB , 1200x1800 , LauraB17_001.jpg )
573 No. 573 hide [Reply]
Someone has the catalogs for the candydolls sets,especially for AlissaP,ElonaV,JasminP,laura b,MayaL,SharlottaS,ValensiyaS,but i'm taking tips too.

2 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 580
Yep, if you're have more would be nice.

>> No. 581
lol I thought that he wanted the photo sets... :p

>> No. 582
lol I thought that he wanted the photo sets... :p

File: 148561318520.jpg - ( 1.21MB , 1200x1800 , VIP_AmyN01_006.jpg )
55 No. 55 hide [Reply]
Amy N 01 VIP

Set: http://cloudyfiles.com/3u093pm2c7bz
- https://img.yt/img-588cb0ebe0bdf.html
- http://imgoutlet.com/3ey6lgfbnpd4
- http://imgrock.net/oaaa4r1ynk3r
- http://imgmaze.com/p2mdcc625whw

Vid: http://suprafiles.net/setf9r3s6f54
- http://imgtown.net/cvtk3ocxjvkf

Pass - VKv77

File: 148591790426.jpg - ( 796.83KB , 2400x1200 , Candydoll_specialset_Bloomers______1.jpg )
64 No. 64 hide [Reply]
CD Special Bloomers 1

Set - 75 images

Video - 3:58 640X480

Pass = [Candydollspecialset]

16 posts and 10 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 396
Can u please post 3angels can't find it anywhere

>> No. 398
what happened with the other website candydollchan.org

>> No. 745
Could you re-up the, "Candydoll Special Catsuits 01" video please? Thanks

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